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Thank you to Our Supporters

Without each and every name on this list, our work would not be possible. Not only are your love and support felt and appreciated, but they continue to make an impact for Centro PASO, Inc. Additionally, thank you to the hundreds of people who have volunteered at or attended any of our events.

Left Coast Fund

BQuest Foundation

Hammond Climate Solutions

Meg and Mark Cerbone

Province, Inc.

Keen Summit Capital Partners

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Saint Joseph Regional High School

Eric Franco

The Burns Family

Knights of Columbus Council #4486

Watchung Deli Food Truck

Hazel Boutique

Standing-O LLC

Bel Fiore Greenhouses

Rockland Bakery

Dancewear Unlimited

Our Lady of Mercy Academy

The Bachrach Family 

Charity Chokers

The Berninger Family

The Furletti Family

Luis and Lin Manuel Miranda

The Busetto Family

The Furletti Family

The Leonard Family

Xavieran Academy Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

The Gibbons Family 

The Bagin Family

The B LeHane Family

The E LeHane Family

The J LeHane Family

Anne LeHane 

The Biechert Family

The Walsh Family 

The Lange Family 

The Stack Family 

The Dalquist Family

The Miller Family

The Blanco Family

Tupperware, Janet Schwartz

The Sorrano Family 

The Ryan Family

The McAuliffe Family 

Randa Karambelas

Ashleen O’Reilly

William Petit

Valerie Federico

Cathy Hershcopf

Robin Blanz

Patricia Crowley

Raneeta Sawhn’ey-Rigby

Ryan Cruz

Robert Bickford

and more....

*if you believe we left you off this list, please forgive us and please send us a friendly reminder of your donation so that your generosity might be more formally acknowledged.

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