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A Message from Membership
Our Membership Ambassadors this summer were Aikya Varanasi and Samantha Pisano

With our primary goal being to increase involvement in Fiesta4Hope, Membership has been working to expand the organization’s presence within schools and throughout the community. Over the past few weeks, we have been looking into and compiling a contact book of vendors, sponsors, and volunteers that we can reach out to for future events and bring attention to our organization. One of our biggest platforms to date was when founders, Katie Bagin and Ronnie LeHane, had the opportunity to speak about Fiesta4Hope with Joe Torres on ABC Tiempo. Being able to share Fiesta4Hope’s mission on such a large scale was such an amazing experience and we hope to continue to educate many globally in similar ways! In addition to this, and relating directly to our overarching goal, we have been researching schools that we believe would benefit from having a Fiesta4Hope chapter, as they have other organizations, such as International Clubs or Spanish Honor Societies, already established. We have found a number of schools and are looking forward to reaching out to teachers, students, and administrators in the coming weeks! 

Update (August 18, 2020)Fiesta4Hope is pleased to announce that our campaign to form relationships with students and educators with similar values has been successful and we are on track to have a presence in at least three new schools as Fiesta4Hope Chapters and several more as the designated nonprofit of a pre-existing club.

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