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Q&A with our Chapter Liaisons

Our Chapter Liaisons this summer were high school students Holly Vincent, Madi Delagente, and Nicholas Steinhauser. Together, they curated our Chapter Guide, a detailed handbook for any student (or teacher) who will be overseeing a Fiesta4Hope Chapter at their school. Fiesta4Hope is confident that the hard work our interns did this summer will prove very helpful. 

The following questions and answers were compiled by Holly, Madi, and Nickolas. Learn about their experience this summer and then take a peek at the Chapter Guide. 

A Conversation with Holly Vincent (GRHS'22)


Q: What is the main responsibility of a Chapter Liaison? 

A: Our main responsibility as a Chapter Liaison Team is to develop the Fiesta4Hope Chapter Guide, an outline for future chapters in terms of fundraising, meeting plans, and other operational resources. 


Q: What have you been working on over the summer?


A: Over the past few months, we have developed our Chapter Guide, met with other teams to discuss our progress, and go through our information with Katie and Ronnie, our executives. We have been very productive and are very much looking forward to publishing the Chapter Guide for future Fiesta4Hope members!


Q: How is Fiesta4Hope’s mission impacting its interns? 


A: Fiesta4Hope’s partnership with CentroPaso, a non-profit in Puerto Rico dedicated to serving families and those in need, has given interns a great opportunity to use their talents to benefit others. Fiesta4Hope has empowered the students to serve their communities and look beyond their own interests. Interns have become more aware of global issues and more eager to learn about different countries and cultures. Interns have also expressed that they feel inspired and more appreciative of the things they have. There is no better feeling than giving back and Fiesta4Hope has provided the opportunity to do so in a big way.


Q: Do you believe that you have greatly helped Fiesta4Hope during these first few weeks?


A: Absolutely! The process of creating the Chapter Guide has been long and arduous, especially in writing and revising it. Even after these weeks, it still needs much work! However, we know that it is an important document in helping establish future Fiesta4Hope chapters. We are excited for members to utilize it.


Q: How often do Interns work for Fiesta4Hope during the week?


A: The Fiesta4Hope team comes together once a week for meetings that last about 45 minutes. We discuss upcoming events and learn what our coworkers are currently working on. Then, we receive agendas with tasks that need to be completed by next week's meeting. The Chapter Liaison team, which consists of three high school students, schedules a time to work on the tasks. Each task takes about 1 - 2 hours to complete. 


Q: Describe the Fiesta4Hope community.


A: There is an emphasis on collaboration and creativity among the members of Fiesta4Hope. Interns are welcomed into a safe space where we can freely express any ideas they have. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Fiesta4Hope community is how strongly unified we all are in this cause. Regardless of how different our job is from the other teams, we all are working so hard towards making a difference in the lives of those in Puerto Rico.


A Conversation with Madi Delagente (AHA'21)

Q: How has your experience been as a member of a chapter of Fiesta4Hope so far? 

A: I have been a member of a Fiesta4Hope chapter for three years now and it is hands down one of my most enjoyable after school activities. Our fundraising events not only raise a lot of money but are fun and involve the entire community. Additionally, being a member of a Fiesta4Hope chapter has provided me with multiple opportunities to grow as a leader. I have had the honor of serving as Membership Chair for two years, as well as the ability to participate in my first internship!

Q: Are you proud of all of the work that you have done so far?

A: Honestly, I am quite content with how much I have done for this organization throughout the entirety of June. I believe that I have made a significant impact through the Chapter Guide and have been able to inform several people about Fiesta4Hope and its important mission. I am extremely proud of my efforts so far, and I hope to continue this work for the rest of the summer.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish by the conclusion of this internship?

A: By the end of my internship, I hope to have developed significantly better editing and writing skills, as I will most likely be working on the Chapter Guide for the majority of the summer. I also hope that I might have become a much greater member of Fiesta4Hope. Furthermore, I hope to accomplish greater skills in working for an organization or company, since helping Fiesta4Hope is definitely showing me how it is to work for a corporation.


A Conversation with Nicholas Steinhauser (SJR'22)


Q: In what areas do you think being in this role will assist you in future internship opportunities? 


A: In future internship opportunities, I believe that this role as a Chapter Liaison will definitely assist me in jobs that include writing and editing, mainly because I have been working on and revising the Chapter Guide for the past four weeks. Moreover, my role will also greatly assist me if I ever take up an internship in service as well, since Fiesta4Hope is an organization that focuses on service to more vulnerable communities.


Q: In developing the Chapter Guide, where do you see Fiesta4Hope going in the next few years?


A: I can visualize that Fiesta4Hope will most likely be much more prominent in the future, especially because of the new and revised Chapter Guide. In developing this guide, I can definitely see many schools and other groups becoming interested in sponsoring Fiesta4Hope. As a result, this grassroots organization will continue to grow in influence and popularity until it becomes one of the greatest service organizations for Puerto Rico in the next couple of years.


Interested in Starting A Chapter? 

If you or someone are looking to introduce a Fiesta4Hope Chapter to your school, email us at

If you know are a parent, teacher, or peer who knows a student that would be interested in starting a Chapter at their school, reach out to us at the above email and connect us with that student. 

All students in the process of starting their own Fiesta Chapter will have the opportunity to Zoom call with us. 

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