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Centro PASO

A key element of Fiesta4Hope is our sponsorship of a community center in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Centro PASO provides a comprehensive array of services to those in their region facing socioeconomic hardships. Our relationship with PASO is intrinsically tied to our existence as an organization. Since our founding in 2018, 100% of the funds that we have raised has gone directly towards advancing their goals and initiatives. 

About Centro PASO

Centro PASO is a vibrant community center in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Founded in 2016, PASO was established in response to the results of a study on the socio economic hardships of the Aiboniteño population. Founded and run entirely by passionate local volunteers, Centro PASO is the epitome of selflessness and resilient service. 

Their mission is to provide a well rounded variety of services related to improving the health and sustainable wellness of families, elderly, disabled, and otherwise disadvantaged demographics in their area. Nested in the mountains of Puerto Rico, PASO's beneficiaries face a unique set of challenges persistent economic challenges that become greatly exacerbated by climate change, natural disasters, inefficient bureaucratic systems, and health crises. 

Services they provide include: 

  • family counseling & case management

  • emergency financial assistance

  • food bank & distribution 

  • donated clothing bazaar

  • community soup kitchen

  • visits to the homes of bedridden, elderly, and disabled people

  • support for the community in disaster situations

  • after school programs (arts and recreation)

  • agricultural workshops 

  • spiritual healing 

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