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Our Black Lives Matter Campaign

Our Official Statement:

Fiesta4Hope has always made it our mission to empower our peers and supporters to be active leaders and advocate for those in need. Right now, the Black community is hurting, and we are committed to seeing that a difference is made in our country’s justice system – a system that was designed to subjugate people of color. The tragic acts of injustice that have taken place in the last few months have forced the country to recognize the oppression and inequality that is still faced by Black Americans and has moved us to do our part and make a difference. 


Shocked, and deeply upset by the outcomes of systematic and systemic oppression, and racial disparities that have recently been brought to light, we have taken time to educate ourselves. We are consciously making an effort to recognize and understand how this country’s history continues to bring pain and oppression to the Black community. As an ally and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, we promise to continue to educate ourselves and others in the fight for true equality. 


Fiesta4Hope is making it a priority to fight this injustice. We hope for your support as we have decided to raise money for the Children’s Defense Fund. Please stay tuned for more information about both our fundraising and educational efforts. 

A Conversation with Peyton Wilson from GWU's Black Student Union

In our efforts to take part in the national conversation surrounding racism in our country, we invited Peyton to engage in a discussion with several Fiesta4Hope followers. The discussion was led by Amaya McDonald, one of our summer interns and the Head of the Newsletter. We believe this was a valuable Zoom. 

Peyton is the Executive Vice President of the Black Student Union. We are extremely grateful to her for taking the time to speak with us. 

Posts from Our Instagram Campaign: 

Netflix Party: Who Killed Malcolm X

In June we invited our Fiesta community to join us in a Netflix Party viewing of Who Killed Malcolm X. 

Our viewing was of the first episode of this multi-part series. We encourage everyone to continue watching. 

Other Films on Netflix

Malcolm X

Freedom Writers



When They See Us

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