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Contribute to our current goal: $30,000 towards Centro PASO's Sustainable Agriculture Model Edible Farm Initiative



Fiesta4Hope is a grassroots organization that provides support for vulnerable communities through the promotion of sustainability.

Sustainable Agriculture: 
Model Edible Farm Initiative

At Fiesta4Hope, we are committed to the evolving initiatives of our partner organization, Centro PASO. With COVID-19 exacerbating existing food insecurity, the need for the revitalization of the largely abandoned agricultural sector of Puerto Rico grows increasingly apparent. To respond to this need, Centro PASO is seeking funding for the construction of a Model Community Edible Garden: a project that will transform the premises of Centro PASO into an agricultural space for the enhanced education of sustainable farming, as well as a mechanism to sustainably combat local food insecurity. The Model Garden is the first part of a multi-phase Sustainable Agriculture initiative. The garden will be open to the community as a space for inspiration and education towards increasing family economic and food self-sufficiency. The Model Community Edible Garden is part of Centro PASO’s broader goal to increase local access to fresh food and inspire youth to revitalize the island’s agricultural sector through agro-related businesses. In the long-term, Centro PASO’s garden will become the source of both extensive agricultural training programs as well as fresh produce to be sold to the community on a weekly basis and used in the community kitchen. ​

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